Up and Coming Exhibitions

23rd March - 1st May 2019 - Gallery Patrick Heide, London, UK

30th March - 10th May 2019 - Galerie Alte Lateinschule, Illingen, Germany

28th May - 12th June 2019 - Galerie Alte Lateinschule, Illingen, Germany

14th May - 19th May 2019 - Open Studio, South Fawley, UK

16th June - 7th July 2019 - Fresh Air, Quennington, UK

12th July - 17th August 2019 - Tincleton Gallery, Dorset, UK

2018 Exhibitions

art 3f, Paris Expo, France

Galería Gaudi, Madrid, Spain

Galerie Verbeeck, Antwerp, Belgium

Kunstmesse Karlsruhe

Galerie Boyrié, Nancy, France

Galerie Boyrié, Sarrebourg, France

Galerie Besch, Illingen, Germany

Gallery Hignell, London, United Kingdom

Watermill Theatre, Newbury, United Kingdom

Soul Gallery, Winnipeg, Canada

2017 Exhibitions

Galerie Marschall, Bernried, Germany

Curwen Gallery, London

Thompson Gallery, London

London Art Fair

Galerie Root, Berlin, Germany

Kunstverein Zweibrücken, Germany?

Jarfo Gallery, Kyoto, Japan

2016 Exhibitions

Hignell Gallery, Mayfair, London

Thompson Gallery, London,

Minster Gallery, Winchester

Galerie Besch, Illingen, Germany

Galerie Marschall, Bernried, Germany

2015 Exhibitions

Jarfo Gallery, Kyoto, Japan

Dohjidai Gallery, Kyoto

A. Stones International Art, Art District 798, Bejing, Oxford Art Society, Oxford

Newbury Library

Rachel Bebb, Garden Gallery, Broughton

Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden

Fresh Air, Quenington

Chelsea Arts Club, London

Soul Gallery, Winnipeg, Canada

Poco – Design, Sydney, Australia

Galerie Marschall, Bernried, Germany

Gallery Oudenhove, Epe, The Netherlands

Previous 2014 Exhibitions

La Galleria, London

Oxford Art Society, Radley

Bowman Sculpture, London

Patrick Heide Gallery, London

EWAEE, Kyoto, Japan

Open Studio, Berkshire, Oxfordshire

The Garden Gallery, Broughton, UK

On Form, Asthall Manor, UK

West Lavington, Wiltshire, UK

SeeArt, Tunbridge Wells,UK

North Wall, Oxford, UK

Roger Billcliffe Gallery, Glasgow, UK